Legacy Rewound

LWBlurb: Magic and mystery entwine… hidden in the web of time.

Melinda knew Kalek’s music created powerful visions, but it wasn’t supposed to actually send her into the past!

It definitely wasn’t supposed to bring someone back to the present with her. Especially not someone tied so tightly to Melinda’s own past, someone to prove, once again, that her family ancestry was made up of psychopaths who should never have existed.

Now it’s her chance to change her lineage–and history–forever.

Legacy Rewound is the third and final volume of the Toch Island Chronicles by Kat Hechenbach. It picks up immediately after Seeking Unseen and again is told primarily from the perspective of Melinda though Angel still has several chapters written from her perspective. (Though I didn’t really see how they were necessary or added anything that couldn’t have just been done from the Melinda’s point of view.)

The blurb pretty much tells the premise – the combination of Melinda and Kalek’s talent results in inadvertently sending her to the past and accidentally bringing someone back with her. Melinda and her friends have to find this person and set things right the damage to the timeline is irrevocable. The time-travel was interesting – one of those “she was always supposed to have been there” situations but then Melinda did things in the past for no reason other than she knew it was supposed to be that way in the future which frustrated me. I prefer when things happen in the past and that explains why things are in the future, not when they are deliberately done because that’s how it’s supposed to be someday…

I’m also a little confused about some of the core issues in the story – supposedly humans always had magic but forgot it, but then an elf seemed to be giving it to the humans and I wasn’t sure if he was the one responsible for humans having magic or just rediscovering it? But only some humans have it, right? He also seemed like he was supposed to be a Christ-like figure but I wasn’t sure why he was so special? And throughout the story there was an emphasis that we are all special, even as ordinary humans, but then at the end of the book I felt like that message was diluted by certain discoveries.

The romance was much better this time – still a little instalove but I finally got the pairing I’d been looking forward to. 😉 And one of the questions I had from Seeking Unseen was addressed so that was a pleasant surprise. All in all, this was a nice wrap-up to the series.

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