Manga 101 by Kat Vinson

CoversLast year I guest-blogged at The Scriblerians to share about one of my reading passions – Manga. I’m hardly an expert – just an avid fan. But I wanted to introduce it to those who are unfamiliar with the subject. Here’s a sneak peek of the post!


So, manga… Either you love them – or you just haven’t yet experienced the joy that is contained in them. Today I am going to share a crash course in graphic novels – because an informed reader is a happy reader, right?

Graphic Novels or Manga
Manga (pronounced Mhan-gah – both plural and singular) is the Japanese word for what we commonly call graphic novels. Similar to anime being the Japanese word for animated cartoon, “purists” can make a career out of distinguishing Japanese manga from Western graphic novels. However, there is more that distinguishes “manga” from Western graphic novels than just the name.

Read the rest here…


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