Let’s see…
I’m married to my first love & we have a beautiful daughter. I majored in cross-cultural studies so, of course, I work as an accountant. 😉

My love for culture & language is my excuse for an obsession with Asian dramas and some anime/manga.  I have a preference for fantasy and romantic tales – nothing too dark or violent. Seriously, Asian dramas are the best! And I will talk your ear off about them given half a chance. 😉

I also like to dabble in polymer clay and occasionally sell those creations on etsy. Sometimes I play on Gimp and make wallpapers, or play in Pinnacle Studio and make music videos, or push my sewing machine to it’s limits making monster/puppy laptop bags. In other words, I love hobbies and love learning new things.

I also write and have a dozen stories in my head but have yet to actually finish much but I am working on changing that!

Years ago I blogged on livejournal, mostly about my above hobbies. It’s pretty dead over there now but for the morbidly curious, you can see my ramblings here!



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