About Me

About, about, about – let’s see…
I’m married to my first love & we have a beautiful daughter. ^_^ I majored in cross-cultural studies so, of course, I’ve been working as an accountant for years and years. πŸ˜‰ My dream is to someday live in Japan (or Taiwan), building relationships, immersing myself in their culture, and living God’s light. Right now I’m focusing on learning as much about the culture & language as possible. Which is my excuse for my obsession with Asian dramas and some anime/manga – mostly the shoujo variety as I have an addiction to comedy and romantic tales. (I very occasionally blog about them & my other hobbies over here – seriously, Asian dramas are the best!) I also like to sculpt in polymer clay and hope to sell those creations eventually. Occasionally I play on Gimp and make wallpapers, or play in Pinnacle Studio and make music videos, or push my sewing machine to it’s limits making monster/puppy laptop bags. And I’m a DIYer who always has something going on. In other words, I love hobbies and love learning new things. I also write and have a dozen stories in my head but have yet to actually finish much of anything. Probably due to my attention span always fixating on new hobbies. My dad just recently asked for my help with his genealogy research – he’s offered to teach me everything he knows so I think I feel a new obsession coming on!

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