How I Review

I try to write book reviews I would want to read. I include the covers, blurbs and links because I love when reviews do that. I attempt to write them as if I was sharing the book with my friends because, essentially, that is what I am doing anyway. And I include any of the little, niggly parts along with all the awesome bits because I don’t tend to trust reviews that don’t have them and I feel dishonest if I leave them out.

My book reviews are also highly subjective. Personally, I’ll forgive a lot if the romance makes me squee. But if the romance feels flat, it won’t matter how well the rest of the book is written. So I struggle with each and every review, balancing my honest opinion with the feelings of the writer.

That being said, if I really, really disliked a book, I most likely will not do a full review here. I’ll give it the stars on Goodreads and Amazon because I have to be honest but I’ll keep my expounding to a minimum on why it was a 1-2 star for me (unless asked).

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