How I Review

I try to write book reviews I would want to read. I include the covers, blurbs and links because I love when reviews do that. I try to write them as if I was sharing about the book with my friends because essentially that is what I am doing anyway. And I try to include any of the little, niggly negatives along with all the awesome bits because I don’t tend to trust reviews that don’t have them.

I feel very strongly that:
~ it is nigh on impossible for a book to 100% please 100% of its readers
~ not everyone has the exact same tastes
~ what bothers one person may not bother another
~ we all have triggers or specific things that really bother us

Most importantly – reviews that only say everything was great out of deference to feelings aren’t doing anyone any favors. They mislead about the reader’s honest opinion, they don’t provide honest feedback that might be useful to the writer – they’re just altogether useless.

So I am a huge believer in reviews containing negatives along with the positives. Even if it’s a 5-star in my world, there’s still probably something that I disliked.

There’s many articles and posts out there both for and against negative reviews. Some feel negative reviews may be okay for the average reader but not when coming from a writer. And I empathize with that viewpoint. I struggle with each and every review, balancing my honest opinion with the feelings of the writer.

That being said, if I really, really disliked a book, I most likely will not do a full review here. I’ll give it the stars on Goodreads and Amazon because I have to be honest but I’ll keep my expounding to a minimum on why it was a 1-2 star for me (unless asked).


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