My Writing

This is where I share my writing from over the years. Some of it is very old. After college I quit writing and have only recently begun to dive back into it.

Writing Challenges  (my entries)


Flash Fiction:

The Reeducation of Kylee Flintlock



Current Projects:

Ember (working title) is a YA fantasy set in a world where magic exists unbeknownst to humans: Hoping to free herself and her winged people, the Vinden, from a life in hiding, 16-year-old Ember flies away to the Bermuda triangle, to search for their ancestral home. When she stumbles upon creatures with a grudge, a young Venner prince helps her escape. Now she must covertly explore the magic island while dealing with a resolute Prince Cole compelled to keep her safe and eluding those bent on dragging her back to Miami and “grounding” her for good before she digs up secrets they’d prefer remain forgotten.

Choices (working title), a unique YA romantic novelette with a choose-your-own-ending: When two boys simultaneously ask Kerra out, she gets roped into their crazy scheme to date each of them for a week before making her choice: Jordon, Lucas, or none of the above.

My earliest stories (coming soon)

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