An Alternative Ending for Taiwanese drama Fall in Love With (Both of) MeNot quite a fanfic, I recently won a small contest to write an alternate ending for an Asian drama. I chose a drama I had loved that had a train-wreck ending, chopping it from 20 to 16 episodes. It’ll make no sense unless you’ve seen the drama through episode 7. And even then it’s still got nearly every Asian drama cliche/trope ever written. But if you had any idea how painful the original ending was…

Blinded Heart is a Road to Avonlea fanfic I wrote when I took Creative Writing in community college the spring of 1998. It was my attempt to fill in the blanks of what happened with Gus Pike after he was “lost at sea”.

The Trouble With Terrorists is a Star Trek TOS fanfic I wrote long, long ago. Teegar Taylor’s Mr. Chekov page held a “finish the story” contest in 1996/1997. I was 16/17 at the time, and I ended up winning 1st place and a Chekov t-shirt. It was originally titled Kidnapped and started by Jane Seaton and T.S. Taylor. The first chapter was pre-written though I changed it up a bit. The rest is as original as fan-fiction can ever be. You can still read my winning entry on that ancient fanpage (under my maiden name), though I later revised the story a bit more, which is what is posted at

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